Paragomphus capricornis (Förster, 1914)

 A male basking on a sunny gravel bank (Tam Dao)

A medium-sized gomphid, with common black and yellow generic colouration, and the shape of superior anal appendages characteristic for the genus.

The locality in Tam Dao, where these photos were taken in May 2013, can be described as an open lowland rocky stream, with some gravel banks surrounded by shrubs. Other gomphids spotted there : Gomphidia kruegeri, Lamelligomphus camelus.
Only males were seen.

Anal appendages black. Superiors long, double the length of segment 10, terminal half curved regularly downwards. Inferior appendages one third of the length of superiors, strongly curved in a upward direction.
Foliaceous outgrowths at the ventero-lateral margin of S8-9 (male only).

Lateral view

P. capricornis inhabits a variety of lowland and montane streams and rivers containing sand/gravel shoals, including open habitats and plantations.

This species is known from Arunachal Pradesh in India to China (Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Yunnan, Hong Kong), and south to Singapore.

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