Fukienogomphus promineus Chao, 1954

At each site visited, my goal is to take photographs but also to identify the specimens, this frequently left me with a dilemma as to whether to use the net or the camera first.
Usually, as an avid nature photographer, I take pictures first...

The downside of this approach was that, on a good number of occasions, a potentially interesting specimen flew away before it could be photographed ; or it was photographed but not vouchered, and the photo didn't show enough details to clinch its identity.

To identify this male Gomphid, good close-ups of the caudal appendages were essential to understand the structure. I didn't take the risk to loose it and netted it immediately. Then I took "in hand"  photos from a variety of angles... and released it.
These shots are the first ones of this species available on the internet.

Dorsal view of the caudal appendages

Lateral view

Ventral view

Fukienogomphus promineus is known from southeastern China and only 2 mountain localities in Tonkin (northern Vietnam) : Mount Mau Son/Lang Son Province (first country record, in 2010), and Tam Dao National Park/Vinh Phuc Province (where these photos were taken, at ca 950m a.s.l). 
In June 2014, I also caught a male on the lower slopes of Tam Dao, at ca. 350m.

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