Calicnemia mortoni (Laidlaw, 1917)

The adult male has black thorax with pale bluish-purple stripes. The abdomen is black, segments 1 and 2 and the base of 3 brick-red.

A teneral male

A tandem pair

An ovipositing tandem pair

The female has black thorax marked with yellow-citron stripes. The abdomen is brown dorsally more or less reddish on segments 2 and 3 ; the terminal segments are reddish on ventral side.

A shady rock seeping with water, habitat of Calicnemia mortoni (Tam Dao, elevation : ca 1O50m a.s.l). The males were also perching on sunny vegetation around.
Other species spotted there (in May) : Agriomorpha fusca, Rhipidolestes owadai, Coeliccia onoi, Devadatta ducatrix, Indocnemis orang.

This montane species is known to occur in India (Sikkim, Darjeeling), Nepal, Bhutan and northern Vietnam. Those pictures were taken at Tam Dao National Park.
Many thanks to Noppadon Makbun for giving me documents about this species.

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