Protosticta grandis Asahina, 1985

A male.

Protosticta grandis is a large-sized robust Platystictid damselfly that I have seen on a few occasions in the good "spots" around Hanoi (Ba Vi, Cuc Phuong, Tam Dao National Parks, Thuong Tien Natural Reserve).

A male.

Labrum and anteclypeus ivory white. Synthorax reddish-brown with a large ivory-yellow/bluish stripe (depending on maturity?) on the sides (metepisternum).

Abdomen pale brown with whitish proximal ring at the end of S3-7. S8-10 entirely dark brownish without any markings.
Caudal appendages of male wholly yellowish. 

Same, close-up.

The female is coloured like the male but has a stouter abdomen.

Protosticta grandis is known from northern and western Thailand, and Vietnam, in lowland and mountain forests.
I have bumped into this species not more than 5 times in 3 years. It's one of those damselflies that is easily overlooked. It can be found in good forests, perching quietly in the dense undergrowth. When disturbed, it flies weakly a few dozen centimetres away. It is inconspicuous in coloration and behaviour for sure, but not more than its much smaller cousin Protosticta satoi - a species I have spotted many times. This tells me that P. grandis is probably a scarce species - not just overlooked. 

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