Coeliccia acco Asahina, 1997

Coeliccia acco pair in tandem (Mount Ba Vi, 800m a.s.l.)

Coeliccia is one of my favourite genus of damselflies and Coeliccia acco is, with C. scutellum Laidlaw, 1932 and C. onoi Asahina, 1997 (according to R.A. Dow, the latter is "almost certainly" a junior synonym of Coeliccia cyanomelas Ris, 1912), one of the three species of this genus I have spotted the most in the hills and mountains around Hanoi. 
Coeliccia acco has been described from Cuc Phuong National Park (Ninh Binh Province, northern Vietnam).

The male is easily recognisable with its blue markings / stripes on the synthorax and the yellow-orange last segments and caudal appendages. 

Male in hand : antehumeral stripes are not straight but slightly curved. In dorsal view, they have a parenthesis-like shape.

Last abdominal segments, dorsal view : S9-10 orange tinted dorsally (posterior part of S8 also but not always I think). Appendages are the same color, the superiors a little shorter than the inferiors. 
With my "simple" camera, I cannot go further into the details about this part of the body - but this is not the purpose of this blog anyway.

The mature female has a pale green antehumeral stripe ; sides of the synthorax with two broad yellow-green stripes.
Abdomen brownish dorsally, last segments spotted with dirty yellow.

 Female ovipositing in a small, shallow pool near a stream (Cuc Phuong National Park)

Coelicia acco is known from northern Vietnam and central Laos. 

As I wrote at the beginning of this post, this species is one of the commonest Coeliccia in the Hanoi area, along streams in lowland and mountain forests.

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