Epophthalmia elegans (Brauer, 1865)

During a noon stroll in one of my favorite Hanoi's "patches", a small wooded area (eucalyptus + fruit trees) with some rectangle fishing ponds - so the most man-made habitat we can imagine !, I noticed a large dragonfly resting 5 meters high in a tree. I edged forward and managed to get a few photos from different angles. It turns out that it is a new species for me... Epophthalmia elegans.

Below photos "in hand" of an another male (released after the photo shoot of course) :

A stunning facial pattern!

Lateral view of caudal appendages

Dorso-lateral view

Dorsal view

Ventral view

Widely distribution throughout China, extending through Korea and Japan to southern, far eastern Russia, northern Philippines and northern (+centre?) Vietnam.
Frequents reservoirs, ponds and lakes.
A common species, resilient to anthropogenic impacts, which can breeds in disturbed and man-made habitats.

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