Sinictinogomphus clavatus (Fabricius, 1775)

A female found in open field, far away from water

This is the commonest gomphid in Vietnam (at least in the North), you can see it everywhere at low altitudes. It prefers lentic waters - i.e. lakes, ponds and reservoirs. The larvae can tolerate moderate to high levels of pollution in an urban environment setting.

 It is easy to identify and fairly easy to get near to as it often returns to the same stick.

Sinictinogomphus clavatus is a rather large gomphid. Both male and female have foliaceous flaps black and yellow on S8. 
Female is similar to the male in color & markings. I saw it at few occasion when ovipositing.

A male and an exuvia - which also belongs to this species.

A female - photo above (on the right) + photo below - laying eggs under male control.

Another oviposition shot (female on the right), this one taken at an artificial pond in Hanoi downtown (cemented beds, no aquatic vegetation, less than 5 species of odonata spotted). This tree stump covered with algae/mosses was one of the rare suitable place for oviposition.

Male in flight.

A teneral female (wings not yet hardened, eyes greyish).

This species has a broad range from Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam through to southern, southwestern and central China to Korea, Japan and southern, far eastern Russia.

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